House For Sale

Hey!  We are putting our house in LC up for sale.  Take a look and please pass the word along.  Thanks!  I attached the website to this page.

Leigh Erin and David




I am majorly missing my friends.  Ella is fun in all, but 3 year old conversation can only tie you over for so long.  So come visit.  We are open for business and the room and board is cheap (can't get cheaper than free).  

We got Ella an inflatable 2 1/2 foot pool in the back yard.  Ella is super excited and hasn't stopped talking about it for weeks.  Each morning she wants to know when she can go swimming.

Life with the Lundy clan is calming down and we can hopefully get into a routine soon.  Ella is exploiting our lack of routine way too much.  We found a church we love.  Real Life fellowship is awesome and we both love worshipping there.

We have been trying to crab on base the last two nights, but we have been skunked both nights :-(.  Hopefully it gets better soon.

That is all that is going on here.  As you can see, it is pretty boring in CC.  but boring is wonderful!



We are doing great and adjusting well to married life.  Especially since Ella and I are in Lake Charles for 2 weeks (just kidding).  We have been here so Ella can take swim lessons. She is improving everyday.  It has been so nice getting to relax and see friends and family.  We even got to celebrate my parents 47th anniversary with them.

Last Friday, Tanya and I drove to New Orleans for the day to see Sarah, Ben and M.E.  Seth was great about keeping them home so we could surprise her.  It was so great to all be together again and just hangout and talk.  It was like old times all over again.  I wish we all lived closer so we could do it more often.  The kids picked up playing right where they left off and were annoying each other in no time.

We are so ready to go back to Corpus Christi now.  We both have been missing David and Ella keeps saying she wants "her David".  Plus, she may be getting out of her running routine.  David has her run each afternoon with him.  She loves it and even has New Balance shoes to be like David.

The house is coming along.  We are almost done unpacking what we are going to unpack.  Pretty soon the Lundy Lounge and B&B will be open for guests.  Come and join us!

Here is a few more wedding pictures


We Got Married

So many things have changed sine I had posted last.  I re-met a wonderful guy and  a year and a half later I am sitting on the couch next to my HUSBAND!!  How blessed I  am to be with David. He is in the Navy, stationed in Corpus Christi.  So far so good.  We are unpacking, unpacking and trying to find a place for everything.  This is a lot more difficult when you add all the stuff that comes along with a three year old that is spoiled rotten.

We got married on April 30th in Inlet Beach, Florida.  The reception was on the beach also.  It was my dream wedding, simple and relaxed.  We could not have asked for anything better and were so glad to get a few days to rest on the beach with our friends and families.

We will try to keep up on what is going on in our lives by updating this frequently, but well you know how that goes.  I'll put more wedding pics up soon!



I haven't posted in so long. I have been enjoying life. I didn't think for a long time that would happen again. However, the Lord surprised me and taught me to love him and through that loving his creation. I didn't think I could be this happy again, but I am. I finished my first semester back in grad school. Ella is perfect as usual. What more could I ask for. Oh, well I guess world peace would be nice.
I also started a small group that meets at my house every Wednesday. We are studying the book Captivating. What a wonderful group of ladies I get to meet with every week. I look so forward to 6:30 on Wednesday evenings. However, my other tribe from church totally rocks. I have never enjoyed a group of people more or laughed so much with people.
I took Ella to the beach a few weeks ago. She loved the beach as long as we were holding her in the water. She didn't want to touch the waves alone. Her friend Avery went and her parents and David. We had a blast together. Great friends and a perfect scenery led to a perfect vacation.
I want to start cooking more, so please send me some recipes. I tend to stick with the same all the time.